10 Beautiful Places in the World to Consider Visiting and Why

10 Beautiful Places in the World to Consider Visiting and Why

Here's a beautiful real time assignment help for anyone who wants to have a period of vacation this season. So, if you are considering going on vacation, the following are a list of ten beautiful places in the world you can consider.

1. Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

If this is a beautiful place, why call it "forbidden"? Well, let me give you that as an assignment, and promise me you won't check online for any assignment help!

Anyways, this Forbidden City is situated in the heart of Beijing, and has been home to Chinese emperors for five centuries. It is a beautiful place especially because of its architectural masterpiece.

2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu, Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. This mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. It contains 82 domes, apart from several large rooms.

This made it possible for the mosque to accommodate about 40,000 people. The mosque is a destination to see not just because of its beauty but also because of its marble courtyards which feature nice designs of flowers.

3. St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, Russia.

Merely looking at the edifice alone from picture makes it highly attractive so much that you want to see what the inside looks like. History has it that the terrible ruler at the time had to blind the architect in order to prevent him from creating any other stunning thing.

4. Cape Town in South Africa is another amazing tourist destination for anyone! It's got an amazing mountain and also miles of attractive beach. It's something anyone will like.


5. Sossusvlei, Namibia is home to the world's tallest sand dunes! In fact, there's one that is nearly a quarter mile!

6. Paris in France is one of the most amazing destinations in the world. France as a country has tons of pleasure.

It has nice and colorful architectures coupled with tons of entertainment.

7. Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur in India is known as the "Pink City". Why? I guess you can see from its colour! Hawa Mahal, which means "Palace of the Winds", is one of the most fascinating places to behold. Its architecture is very special and creative.

8. New York City, New York

NYC, usually used as short form for New York City, is a very fine place which is home to many high rise buildings. Although a very noisy place, NYC is a nice place to be.

9. Isla Holbox, Mexico

Isla Holbox in Mexico is located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Someone has referred to Isla Holbox in Mexico as a place to enjoy winter. It is also an 'enclosed' place for vacation purposes. Some people who love to enjoy quietness in order to meditate, reflect or pray will enjoy this location.

10. Giza in Egypt is home to the ancient great pyramid. Giza used to be Egypt’s capital during the reigns of the pharaohs.

It is an interesting place to be.

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