How does the thought of having to be the one to give a speech before an audience makes you feel nervous, sweaty or sudden turning in your stomach? Then you don't have to worry because you are not in this alone. Studies have shown that at least one in every five people have public speaking anxiety (PSA). I've been there, and I know how it feels like. In fact, I feel the challenge every time I have to speak to an audience. It's just that the situation has improved a great deal better than when I started.

The great news is that in this article lies 10 proven strategies for you to apply and overcome your fears and deliverance kind of speech brilliantly.

1. It is normal to be nervous. Practically everyone feels some sort of physiological impulse like stomach-turning, sweaty palms, pounding hearts. Do not allow these feelings to let you think you will not perform well. The feelings just make you sharper and get you prepared to deliver.

2. Do a lot of practice. Take your time to prepare for your presentation. Go over your notes severally until you have learnt all. The most effective way to overcome anxiety or tension is to practice a lot.

3. Minimise note usage. While it is alright to jot down your speech using assignment writing services word for word so you won't miss out on a thing. It isn't okay to read out from your notes the entire time you are delivering your speech. This makes you lose the audience. Curtail using your notes to the barest minimum. It will help your audience not to detract from you.

4. Be familiar with your audience. Before you commence drawing up your speech, put your listeners into consideration. Find out as much as you can find about them. Doing so will help you to know the choice of words to use and the level of information to release. The speech is about them after all not you.

5. Make good use of storytelling, humour and funny tale. You will surely captivate the hearts and attention of your audience.

6. Don't move around the stage too much. You may likely pace around if you are nervous. Make the moving about little along with the hand gesticulation.

7. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. To err is human, even the most experienced speaker makes mistakes sometimes. One essential thing you should do after making a blunder is to keep your presentation going. Do not halt to apologise to the listeners.

8. Let your individuality come through. Don't rattle on during your presentation. Let your audience see who you are. This will help you to create promising credibility and they will believe what you have to say.

9. Leave them wanting more. Begin with an interesting tale or stunning statistics Wrap up your speech with an intense statement that your audience will carry on in their minds for a long time.

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