English is the most widely spoken language in the world. About 20% of the world’s population speaks English. Sharpening one’s ability to speak English can help to make communication easy with other people, getting admitted into top institutions in the world and even securing great jobs. In this article, you will find ten potent ways to improve your spoken English.

1- Speak out at all times: the only way to get good at something is to do it. Muster up all the confidence you’ve got and speak to people as often and as many as you can. The more you speak to people, the more efficient you will be in your vocabulary and pronunciation. Do not allow the fear of making mistakes to hold you back. Do not feel embarrassed by it. Instead note where you have made the mistake, find out the answers and fix it.

2- Learn to listen: as much as it is so crucial that you speak, make sure to listen as well. One of the proven ways to understand how sentences are formed and to mould your vocabulary is to listen to other speakers too. Listen to recorded conversations, podcasts, YouTube, News on TV and even real-life chitchat. Be a good listener; it helps. 

 3. Read Aloud: try reading a magazine or a newspaper aloud to yourself. You can also find written plays and use them to play pretend acting while reading the words out loud. Doing this is an amazing way of memorizing new words and pronunciation.

4. Consult a dictionary: make your dictionary a constant aid. Online dictionaries give assignment help online. It provides assignment help and examples for you to check if your pronunciation is correct. 

5. Think in English: probably, this may not come naturally, especially if you are not a native speaker of English. But you can build yourself to do all you’re thinking in English. To do this, first, interpret the thoughts in your head. Then get a diary or journal and write down your thoughts in English.

6. Make use of Films and Music: a lot of people love to loosen up and take a break by listening to their favourite music or watching the latest films. You can choose to use films and music to your advantage. Listen to songs in English. Get lyrics online if you would like to sing along. Watch films in either English or your mother tongue, with English subtitles to read. 

7. Learn Online: learning how to improve your spoken English just got better and smarter these days. And the good thing is they offer a variety of things to learn at little or no cost. There are thousands of online assignment help provider courses that you can have access to today. You will learn how to speak English fluently and professionally. 

8. Watch and Copy Native Speakers: one amazing attribute of children is that they copy what other people say all the time. They watch an adult’s mouth and repeats whatever they hear. This attribute is known as mimicry or imitation. As childish as it may sound, it is a major method in learning a foreign language. So whenever you see English speakers, try to watch and copy what they say in your head or quietly under your breath.

9. Take a test: you’ll work hard at improving when there is a need to study for it. 

10. Enjoy it! Learning is sure to take place when you are having fun. So make improving your speaking skills fun. And be proud of yourself.

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