Myths and Facts about Covid-19

The coronavirus disease is also known as Covid 19 which surfaced in 2019 and spread its tentacles all over the world is a communicable respiratory virus. It causes illness in the human body. So much learning is still going on about the disease which was first reported in China. In fact, as a student, you can and should make online writing services a big source of help to help know true and fake information.

Coronavirus can spread from one person to another by infected air when sneezing or coughing. It is also communicated if anyone has contact with surfaces or hands that carry the virus.

A lot of news is going around about this deadly virus. So you must know what's true or not. 

#Myth 1: Covid 19 was developed in a certain lab.

Fact: This claim cannot be proven because scientists are still having a busy time looking for the origin of the virus. Studies have shown that the covid 19 virus may have its origin in bats and developed to infect humans. 

#Myth 2: Covid 19 affects only the wealthy.

Fact: Absolutely anyone can get the virus, irrespective of how much they are worth. Statistics have revealed that COVID 19 has infected people from all works of life. The old, young, rich, poor, black, white all men alike. 

#Myth 3: Only old people are to be cautious, Covid 19 does not affect young people.

Facts: Although Covid 19 can be more harmful in old people, young people can get it. The virus can also make them seriously ill especially if they have any underlying health conditions like cancer, diabetes, or ulcer. 

#Myth 4: Taking saline or warm water will kick the virus away if you are already affected by the virus.

Fact: the information spreading like wildfire that drinking or bathing in warm water or washing your nose with saline will kick covid out is false. The coronavirus is a micro virus that cannot be wiped out of the nasal passage or throat. The safest way to stay protected is to practice good hygiene, wear a mask and social distancing.  

#Myth 5: You can be protected from Covid 19 by rubbing, swallowing or bathing with disinfectants or drinking alcohol.

Facts: the truth is there are ways disinfectants can protect you from covid 19. They are toxic and harmful to your body. They should never be swallowed or injected. However, disinfectants can be used alongside soap and water to clean surfaces to curb the spread of the virus.

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be used on the hands to keep germs away. 

#Myth 6: Once you wear a mask, you don't have to practice social distancing

Fact: As important as wearing a mask is, it is not a substitute for social distancing. Whenever it is necessary for you to go outside of your home, you should practice social distancing. Stay at least 6 feet away from people. Wearing a mask and practising social distancing keep you safe. 

#Myth 7: If I am asymptomatic, I can not infect others with the virus.

Facts: the fact remains that you can still pass the virus even without showing any symptoms. It is essential that everyone whether you feel sick or not to observe all Covid 19 protocols. Mask up, wash your hands with soap and water under running water, maintain social distancing of 6 feet from people.

#Myth 8: Vaccines are available to protect from Covid 19

Fact: Yes, it's not a myth. Various vaccines have been made available to fight against this killer virus. They have been made to be highly effective against Covid, and ultimately, death.

You can also consult a health service provider to see the list of vaccines and centers where you can take them. Stay safe!

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