The world that we live in today is steadily moving on in advancement in the area of technology. One of the most recent innovations is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a branch of computer science that is concerned with making machine smart enough to perform tasks that naturally need human intelligence. It is making machines learn the way human beings act, talk, move and do things, so long enough that the machines begin to act or copy humans. A good example is this: If I am used to typing "dissertation help" on my phone frequently, my phone would have mastered my use of those words to the extent that when I type "diss", the next thing that will pop up will be "dissertation help". It works in similar way like human works.

Artificial Intelligence has become the order of the day. Did you know that through the use of artificial intelligence, machines can provide the help you so need? Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to carry out duties without being instructed explicitly. It is capable of behaving and reasoning logically and humanely.

Just so you know, there are about four types of AI:

1. Reactive machines

2. Limited memory

3. Theory of mind

4. Self-awareness

Let's take a look at it in details

●      Reactive machines have no memory and are based on specific tasks. They are built to perform only a restricted number of specific tasks. This makes it more credible and dependable. It always responds in the same manner to the same stimulants every time.

●      Limited memory artificial intelligence is designed to store prior data and prediction. Unlike the reactive machine, it has a memory system that can use past ordeals to inform prospective decisions. Self-drive cars are built with this type of AI.

●      Theory of mind is a term used in psychology. But when applied to artificial intelligence, it denotes that the machine will have the intelligence to understand human emotions. It will be capable of deducing human motive and foresee behaviour.

●      Self-awareness is the last type of AI system. They have a perception of self, which grants them self consciousness. They are able to know and understand their existing state. Although they are not yet in existence it is still a theoretical idea.

Artificial Intelligence has its relevance in varied markets like business and education. It also helps in health sector as the health care machines that help in diagnosing ailments faster than humans, online virtual assistants etc, Finance, Manufacturing, Law, Security and Transportation.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence includes chatbox, Self-driving cars, online virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, Robots, Email spam filters, Recommendations on Netflix, image recognition software, Google search etc.

At the moment, there are online training centres that teach interested candidates about the use of artificial intelligence. Some of them are free while many others are paid. Some of these training centres include Coursera, Udemy, and others.

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